Shalom Neuman
Fusionism comes to Israel!
December 28- January 15, 2014: Exhibition and FUSIONISM event at : Kfar Yassif, Israel

On Saturday, December 28th at the opening fusionism event Muslim, Christian and Jewish artists collaborated on a large wall panel. It was an amazing experience for all the artists.

December 31, 2013: Lecture atBet Halochem, Haifa

There are 3 more upcoming exhibitions and lectures in the next two weeks. Stay tuned for more details!
October T.A.Z. in Prague
"Temporary Antonomous Zone"
Shalom T. Neuman, Wolfgang Lederer Band, Miloš Vacík & Tam-Tam Batucada"

10.3.2013, 19:00 h

FUSIONISM art center / B1 Contemporary Design Center
Bubenská 1, Praha 7
FUSIONISM art center / B1 Contemporary Design Center
Bubenská 1, Praha 7

Premio Galileo 2000 Prize
September 23, 2013

Shalom Tomas Neuman was awarded the Premio Galileo 2000, Artist of the Year prize for 2013

There will be a FusionArtSteam event, "Temporary Autonomous Zone" on September 23, in Florence, Italy during the awards ceremony. Awards will be presented at the Teatro Odeon in Florence.
F. Bacon/ B. Hrabal performance at GATE GALLERY
A performance by Shalom T. Neuman will accompany the exhibition 'Francis BACON & Bohumil HRABAL: Two Geniuses' and will be staged on 19 June 2012 at 5 pm at GATE Gallery and Information Centre, Husova 21, Prague 1.
Amerika series in Prague and Slovakia ...
See more of Shalom's Amerika series at these 2 galleries:

15.3. - 15.6. Prague

The Gallery of Art for Children:
Artists approached for the very first exhibition are ones for whom ecology is an important theme: Linda Cihárová, Petra Gupta Valentová, Markéta Hlinovská, Veronika Richterová, Shendra Stucki and Shalom Neuman.

13.4. - 24.6. Poprad
Veletzni Palace, Praha 7 - Holesovice
19 August - 18 September, 2011
"Talking At You" - Amerika Series
One person exhibit of 50+ multidisciplinary and multisensory artworks

Special Performance - 8 September, 2011 @ 5:30 PM with writers from
P.E.N. Prague and Unbearables, NYC

The title of Shalom’s Amerika is a nod to Amerika, the early unfinished novel by Franz Kafka. This series of faces, described by international art critic and lecturer Robert Morgan as “... less portraits than archetypes - composites of much of the weirdness that the artist encounters in human beings who has met ...” are created from modeling paste, acrylic paint and found objects. There is the added dimension of sound in this series giving each “Amerikan” a voice of his or her own.

American Center
6 September - 30 September, 2011
Tržište 13, Praha 1 - Malá Strana
Opening reception - 6 September @ 6 PM

Galerie La Femme
21 September - 30 September, 2011
Bílkova 2, Praha 1 - Staré město
Selected works from "Amerika" series

Tina B. - The Prague Contemporary Art Festival
20 October - 13 November, 2011
Václavské námestí, Praha 1

HUB Praha - Reading with writers from Unbearables NY & P.E.N. Praha
5 September, 2011 @ 7 PM - 9 PM

Franz Kafka Museum
Permanent collection
Cihelná 2b, Praha 1 - Malá Strana

Artistic Pottery & NOVITO
1 September - 30 November, 2011
NOVITO, Pod nádražím 266, 411 72 Hoštka

GRAVE Gallery
11 November - 9 December, 2011
17, rue des Forges, Victoriaville (Québec) G6P 1N5
Téléphone : 819 758-9510