Shalom Neuman
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
(Toxic Paradise series)Terror Firma
(Toxic Paradise series)Various Tubes
(Toxic Paradise series)Foliage
(Toxic Paradise series)Landscape with Wyle E.
(Toxic Paradise series)Decorous Detritus
(Toxic Paradise series)Ikon Sandwich
(Toxic Paradise series)Toxic Paradise #7
(Toxic Paradise series)Deforestation (Nude)
(Toxic Paradise series)Moon Over Secaucus
(Toxic Paradise series)Quakesand
(Toxic Paradise series)Outer Limits
(Toxic Paradise series)Toxic Night
(Toxic Paradise series)Lost Horizons
(Toxic Paradise series)Rise
(Toxic Paradise series)Toxic Paradise Refuse Garden Installation
(gallery view)Toxic Paradise Refuse Garden Installation
Toxic Paradise Refuse Garden Installation
Toxic Paradise Series
Before Al Gore’s academy award winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” about the detrimental effects of pollution there was Shalom Neuman’s darkly compelling, eerily prescient Surreal series Toxic Paradise. Created during the years 1984 - 1989 these large sculptural paintings depicting man’s inhumanity to planet earth are particularly relevant to today’s times in light of the new momentum gained by the ever growing Green Movement. This timely series of oil paintings on plywood were all created using found objects, artificial lighting effects and original sound tracks.